About Us

Operation Med School (OMS) started as a one time conference first run in 2013 to help youth gain insight into medicine. 6 years later, OMS is held annually everywhere from New York to Vancouver, with Toronto’s event involving lectures and hands-on activities conducted by world-renowned doctors, researchers and medical students across Canada – attracting +400 students from all over the Greater Toronto Area.

We are a non-profit, student-run organization that hosts a one-day medical conference to educate students about the the opportunities and pathways in the medical field. Our goal is to inspire, inform and encourage students to follow their medical dreams and head bravely into their future endeavors.

As a non-profit, we also donate all event ticket sales to the Hospital for Sick Children. In the last two years, we have donated over $10,000 and hope to continue to contribute towards a better future for healthcare.