Top pitches

Congratulations to our top 3 winners from our OMS Toronto Hackathon 2021!

Group 20 Final Presentation.mp4

First Place

Pharmalinkage App

Andrew Huynh & Ben Charles

The harbinger to the elimination of illegible handwritten prescriptions, PharmaLinkage is an application that aims to transcend the limits of delivering medication during the COVID-19 era. With a dual integrated system, PharmaLinkage allows physicians to send digital prescriptions directly to pharmacies while giving pharmacists a platform to efficiently contact partner delivery services for the transportation of medication to the homes of patients. PharmaLinkage detaches healthcare from the erroneous handwritten prescriptions that harm thousands annually while also presenting a seamless medium that catalyzes the operation of hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies. By connecting pharmacists to delivery services, traffic at such medical institutions can be alleviated to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission and permit them fluid functionality to the greatest extent possible - a necessity as they battle the harsh onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Group 23 Final Presentation.mp4

First Place


Ian Wu

A tool to improve the logistics of vaccine distribution. It gathers data from user input, then informs them of which Phase they'll be eligible to get vaccinated for COVID-19 (in Ontario); based on physical and social criteria. It will then outline why, according to provincial standards, they are eligible for that phase and a COVID risk score according to their physical conditions. The stretch goal is that it formats their information into a .txt file, hopefully, so that the information could be forwarded to Public Health to better allocate vaccines.

Harper Med Info (HMI).mp4

Second Place

Harper Med Info App

Rachael Harper & Matthew Ko & Saarah Monir

An app where patients/users can input their medical history. The app will notify you when it’s your turn to see the doctor, it will store prescription information and send it to your pharmacy of choice, and you are able to review the instructions for the specified prescription. Children's accounts can be linked to their parents to allow for parental supervision. This eliminates the need to fill out countless forms and allows for ease of transferring information between hospital systems and pharmacies.


third Place


Agnes Hekler & Saaniya Saraf

QuickCare4U is a website which targets the issue of wait times in Canada in the quickest manner possible. Our website uses an advanced search engine (with some AI and Google Maps features) which classifies patients based on their medical issue, urgency and location to allow users to navigate to the hospital with the least wait times. These wait times are determined by hospital staff who list patients in order of urgency and determine an approximate treatment time, which can also gives ER patients somewhat of an indication as to when they will see a doctor.