The Future of Medicine Conference

Genetic engineering, machine learning, human longevity–– the world of medicine is constantly changing. How do we prepare our youth for the future?

The Future of Medicine Conference plans to do exactly that through a day packed with hands-on workshops, unique speakers, and an inspired group of 400+ students.

In the past, OMS has done a great job of informing youth on their path into medical school and becoming a doctor, but as is being increasingly shown as time goes on, medicine is so much more than just that.

Using machine learning to detect skin cancer with accuracy greater than that of a doctor, using quantum computing for drug discovery cutting decades of the regular process, using genetic engineering to eradicate diseases and further advance human development, creating organs and tissue, as well as, innovative medical technology devices with robotics and nanotechnology—the applications are endless. But upon asking the average adult, let alone the average teenager, most would simply make a funny face at you despite the fact these technologies in mention will without a doubt shape the world.

Improving the quality of human well being is one of the most fulfilling careers one could have, and we are so excited to show our community that is also one of endless opportunity and fascination.

Our Team.

Presidents: Michal Moshkovich and Shannon Oh

Plenary Director: Rikard Saqe

Logistics Director: Victoria Leung

Finance and Corporate Relations Directors: Ivan Qian and Seyone Chithrananda

Publicity Director: Andy Zhu

Conference Experience Director: Romy Levy

We thank all of our sponsors for their generous contributions to make our vision a reality!